September 22, 2009

Eid: The Break Down.

The recent shoot from Labels brings together an array of young blood, These designers are on trend, working hard and making it big!
Here are our picks from the bunch, and we tell you just why they work!

From left
Ela'n : Works because of a jewel tone blue, with Jewel like detail on the neck. Simple and Chic.
Mehnaz Adamjee: The one tone outfit leaves room for the Motif to make a mark, pearls add an elegant feel.
Hala Syed: The Men's style neck has been around for a while but still instantly gives an on trend feel to an outfit.
Jannat and Sadaf: The delicate pleating make for the delicate accent and the stones provide the bling factor!

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  1. lovely stuff! esp luv the yellows- plz do interviews of these new des.!


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