September 27, 2009

Deen : Red Hot!

Spotted a Red Birkin on Shazia Deen. An LBD or even a black top would look gorgeous with gold accessories...

Just how it should be done...


  1. thats not a tartan tee, thats a plaid button up...also, the chanel flats would look hideous with that bag. its a big no no to mix lavels, come on, you know this!

  2. yup its not a tee - it's a 'boyfriend shirt' but it's surely tartan hun.
    Plaid is synonymous with 'check' so any check print can be called plaid - for example a burberry check is also a sub-set of plaid. *Fashion info. 101*

    Secondly Chanel flats, and Louboutin heels are a staple of ANY look there is, and it totally works here - muted flats make up for the bright dash of red.


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