September 8, 2009

Confused Much?

Ok so here's your turn, This collection is by Sanam Agha, it seems that she has tried to put forward a 'western' collection. It is for you the SS reader so review this collection! So go ahead and write away....


  1. I can't see what silhouette she focuses on... what's her overall theme? confusing and boring in the overall assessment. Plus, I thiink some of the pieces are missing class and could look so 1990s like...

  2. totally agree with you sadhia, it's ok to do pastels but to do a washed out collection is not acceptable unless your karl lagerfield!

    i like the black mens jacket but whats going on with the dragon fly? it takes attention away from the embellished sleeves...

    Needs much more thought.

  3. ur ryte.. its totalli confusin..
    n the dragonfly is SO out ov place..
    i lyk da peach/pink dress thou.. its pretty
    but othr than that the overall collection jus dosn make ny sense

  4. i was never impressed with the way sanam agha dressed herself, and now this collection.......ummm not impressive either!

  5. I personally feel she's tried to do too many things in the first go here. She wants the collection to have a vintage feel yet has thrown in a bit of modern touch. She chose to work with light colors and yet some aspects (esp the dragonfly) stands out at odd ends. It isn't a total let down but it leaves a lot of room for improvement.

    Fauzan @ Partylicious

  6. i agree with fauzan, i mean give the debutant a break!!! Its not all bad... but more good could be derived from sumone sensible like sanam agha. I love the lilac men's suit and the model who's wearin it. prolly cuz it doesnt have a dragon fly ruining it. I also like the 'no-fuss' stage design.

  7. ... well there is always room for improvement even at chanel! Oh no wait i didn't just say that!

    The thing is so much time, money, effort and exposure goes into such a big fashion show that the creation need justify that.

    The color palette : beautiful.
    The event management: Clean and contemporary
    The star power: Immense!

    The garments though? Not up to par at all! The poor lady next to the lilac jacket has yards of fabric to handle and not enough inches to pull it off? A fitting was in order may be?

    And the two garments at the bottom leave me speechless.

    The only two things i like are the black and white mens jacket, Sanams own LBD MINUS the insect.

    Plus, Tariq Amin on the ramp?

  9. Another example of people wanting to be fashion designers just for the sake of it. There is a glimmer of talent there, but you need much more than that to distinguish yourself. Anywhere else in the world this collection would've been ripped to shreds...and what about the wearability factor? the dragon fly theme could have been better thought out.

  10. awful awful awful! I mean, who can expect much from someone who has no class or style themselves. Another "designer" who rides the Tariq Amin wave but sure enough the critics and public will jugde fairly when in a year all her stuff is on clearance and not one person in line to buy!

  11. oookay. i think theres too much going on, all at once.

    Tariq amin or the pope?! o.0

  12. Collection? I thought she picked it up from forever 21


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