August 14, 2009

Vernis Spotting: Ba'byee Pearle

Louis Vuitton's Vernis line is very popular amongst all ages, the styles are limited but the bags look gorgeous. Recently they discontinued their very popular 'pearle' or white color in the Vernis line. The sad and slightly sick part is that the bags are recalled from the stores and destroyed! as in set on fire! Crazy right! Blahhh...

A recent launch of a designer House saw many a bags afloat, along with this anonymous lady with a 'Now' discontinued pearle Tote.

Summer 2009 sees two new colors to be added to the Vernis Line, I am loving the blue-ish one! You?

1 comment:

  1. are these ladies EVER going to move on from LVs n Guccis????? dear god! how boring are they! :I
    (excuse for the rant but cmon....)


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