August 30, 2009

LOVE/ HATE Louis Vuitton!.

Designer aesthetics are always questionable. These people have seen so much fashion and style that to go the extremes is the only normal thing to do.


One of the sensational pieces from Louis Vuitton's Fall/Winter 2009 menswear collection, theMonogram Keepall Revelation is a stunner. The bag is distinctive with its raised Monogram pattern on soft black, grained veal leather which is inspired by scarification. Its is a permanent body modification which involves scratching, etching, or some sort of superficial cutting or incision to the skin. The practice is usually carried out as a rite of passage, common to African tribes. This eye-catching bag is a must-have for short breaks or for just toting around the city thanks to its practical size.
$ 4,040


For those who are connoisseurs of great leather that doesn't want to go all traditional, Louis Vuitton's Monogram My Deer! Enigme is a clutch worthy of a better look. Though its name suggests that the bag is puzzling or difficult to understand, I know only one thing... The Enigme is like a bag bitten by the Aliens! The locks just don't add up for me! Do the math, it's a NO GO zone!


  1. OMG! I completely agree with you-the pink one is hideous! Why on earth would someone want a bag with half a dozen locks on it? I'm personally not a very big fan of LV-yes call me crazy but I guess alot of ppl just like LVs cuz they're expensive and hence owning them is a prestiige! The black tote is good though I would personally prefer a dior one over it!

  2. absolutely totally agree with you SS the maroon bag is a disaster! i love the black one for guys!

  3. I actually quite like the red one! But to be honest, the whole fall/winter line this season was a pile of rubbish! Apart from the Sobe clutch, they were all so trashy from the cheap-bling Eclipse to the U G L Y runway bags. Shame really since their Suhali and Epi lines are so refined and chic.

  4. anything monochrome screams "NEW MONEY":)(especially LV) HATE it:p


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