July 30, 2009

White Magic: TeeJays!

It's quiet tricky to be 'fashionable' in Pakistan, i say it plainly because it is hard to adopt western trends and international fashion into our envoirment and lets face it, is it less than 2 percent of our population who are comfortable with wearing sleeveless, backless etc. and even less who can pull it off! And when Karl Largerfeld went for an all white collection for his ready to wear line followed by a white wash at Elie Saab couture '09 it was eminent that designers, stores and shops worldwide would take up on this.
But who better than to take this gorgeously bewitching trend to the masses of Pakistan than Teejyas! Affordable, trendy and spot on!

It's refreshing to see Ather Shehzad finally go for a 'less is more' concept. I guess the 'gurus' are but learning ;)


  1. Beautiful understated elegance. Love it!

  2. i totally love this collection. Teejays is an all time fave.

  3. if only the deisgner herself didnt try so damn hard to be 'fasionable' ick

  4. wow Teejays refashioned.i love this collection its simple and timeless.


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