July 15, 2009

When spotting brings you pleasure ... Drool!

It's so refreshing to see someone carrying a Bottega with such taste, and no wonder its form an event in London. Mehr was seen supporting a gorgeous kaftan-esq top with the Large Veneta.. Yummmy!


  1. SS you've let me down this time :) this bag is a Bangkok fake. My sister has it and if you notice, the straps are all wrong. Bottega is an especially popular fake as it has no tell-tale metal logo hardware to give it away.

  2. hubba hubbba hubbba! hot mommma!

  3. @incognito babes the bottega has various versions, the weave comes in a small-ish a medium called the medium veneta and a fairly large one called the Large veneta as here,

    sure seems like a real to me, what in the straps do you find wrong?

  4. HEy Guys,
    Incognito i can assure that this bag is not a fake.
    i actually now Mehr as i have just done her sister-in-laws wedding. being one of the richest and chicest asian families in Britian I do not see her carrying a fake.
    The women has taste.

  5. that bag is not a fake! lady doesnt look like she'd carry one either. It's better to just carry an unbranded item than to carry a fake-brand!! uggh!
    Straps look fine to me. Maybe what Incognito is trying to point out is the braid that's missing in the original bag picture, which is only cuz u cant see the side angle.

  6. Ok soo....

    1.No way to decide from this very image if its a fake or not.
    2.Rich people do wear fakes, Nicole Richie has a fake balenciaga!
    3.The aunty does look like she has class.

    4.SS readers unite! not fight :) Thanks for ur input guys! keep commenting...

  7. we are NOT fighting. It's no fun if everyone's simply agreeing to everone else. Just an excuse to argue adds a li'l spice. We stay UNITED! lol.

  8. hey ss how come my long comment didnt make its way here?

  9. @ pink - absolutely!! love all the readers - thanks you guys!

    @amna - hun it has an external link, please email me at style.stripped@gmail.com if you wish to share any links, other than that feel free to comment again minus the link.


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