July 2, 2009

Umar Sayeed: Larger than Life!

Umar Sayeed's latest campaign with Ather and Shehzad is Larger than Life and rightfully so! Love it or hate it the pieces are loud, busy and full of impact.
Love it or Hate it? Say What?


  1. cool photography! the outfitts look hot too!!!

  2. hahaha...im sorry, but this is funny! not the model, not the dresses, nor the photography... it's the background that remind me of more than one ugly movies. Anyway, nice try with US campaign, "larger than life" (althu i dont see any life) and jus becuz everything looks taller, doesnt mean it's larger THAN LIFE! Color combination is SOOOOOO yesterday, seriously!!!

  3. its tricky.. id say some images work greatly, the one at the very bottom right, the one where shes laying on her back, in others its quite easy to loose the plot, which in any case should be the clothes! since they ARE the product theyre selling right.

    the other thing that bothers me is why the designers use the SAME clothes again and again and again in different shoots!

    otherwise i like the concept.

  4. same ol same ol! do something new bhai sahab!

  5. farigh photoshoot hai, somebodys wedding about to happen here, or happened the ngith before? same clothes totally agree with u!

  6. right girls
    same old colors bt still its nice


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