July 11, 2009

Siam: Trash-a-nator!

It's totally cool to be wearing what you like, to show your alternate dressing, I totally get it! But there have to be ways subtle than this to blurt it out.
I don't see anything special in his clothes let alone his own sense of style or rather the lack of it!
His latest collection was full of 'ready made' neck lines available all over liberty and beyond.
I mean if the fashion industry is giving you so much exposure, which btw totally escapes me, then at least prove your worth, work hard to show your talent.
... and what's with him appearing in all his campaigns? Your totally not the USP darlin'

So i know your dyeing to tell me how much you like his sheer top, with the fake belt, Comment!


  1. God Bless you SS! i totally agree with your views about saim!
    LOL! this is a fashion catastrophe!

  2. i dont get it .why do men wana be like women once they come outta fashion schooL??????

    and teh fashION SENSE>>>>>>>>>i dont even like women wearing such tops let alone a GUY!!!!!!!


    wont be able to sleeeppppp

  3. i dont get it...thanks for giving me a chance to rant abt him...i mean he is totally talentless,self obsessed freak..he doesnt even know the basics of fashion and it makes me sad that there are people like him in our industry...
    he gives me the the creeps...

    ss is there a way to get him out of the industry?....he is giving it a bad name....ughhh!!!

  4. ewwww
    i just hate sheer fabrics for men
    n he is looking totally disgusted

  5. I really don't understand what Saim is doing in this industry and, more importantly, who's financing him??? He had two fashion shows in two weeks, the clothes were a joke to say the least, and he even represented Pakistan at a fashion show in Bosnia. If all it takes to be a designer in PK is to wear fake LV accessories and get media exposure, then God help us!

  6. ^ hallelujah! agree with you on every single point He is sooo not worth even being featured on SS but just had to rant!
    He needs to choose a different career, too many hard working designers to look out for and hes totally not worth it!

  7. Recently I happened to stumble on a youtube video and this dude Saim speaks 'Urdinglish' like gays!!! He wasn't sure what is he talking about. Who is behind his a**? must be Zardari!

  8. arayyy baap re! may be someone should gift him a mirror eh?

  9. This is some well rad gay shit.. righte here !! After seeing this... i am gonna have nightmares all my life !! Cross-dressing & looking down righte obnoxious in the name of fashion is not cool! all this chap needs a proper "bitch slap!". Period!


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