July 2, 2009

Photo Wars: Big Heads.

Big hair in photo shoots has always captured attention. Two of our famous photographers bring us their version of Big Hair, who is your favorite?

Big on Color! Guddu and Shani.
Nomi with the usual Colorful Wedding wear

Big it up with Black! Ather Shehzad.
Umar Sayeed with his signature style.


  1. Guddu and Shaani are always disappointing with their creative rip-offs of other shoots...as SS itself has pointed out once before. There's real talent there but it is wasted by cut and paste work as well as too much photoshop.Ather Shahzad shot this look first.

  2. i think i'd go for ather shehzad.

  3. both styles r impractical, but that was d idea i guess... at least for shoot's sake... i think Athar shahzad's style is more daring and risky and it only shows that nothing stopped them from experimenting! i ve alwez liked their ideas.
    As for Guddu n Shani's updos, if we remove all the accessorie model is wearing on her hair BALL(S) we might b left with a nice pic to look at. as for now, it's too BUSY!!!!

  4. absolutely agree, there is so much going on everywhere! the clothes are colorful, busy the background is loud and gives off a lot of music - and on top of that the big hair....

    EITHER the background plus props minus the clothes OR the clothes, background with sleek side swept hair, or a bun.

  5. TOO MUCH of everything- plus nomis clothes are so passe now! he should invest in some innovation! its about time!


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