July 1, 2009

Nickie Nina: Designer Travel!

SS spotted the Designer Duo traveling to Geneva with some lovely Arm Candies!

LV Vernis Alma, $2,080. Hermes Birkin Gold, spotted earlier.

Love the new colors introduced for the Vernis line at LV, especially the purple and ferozy... Yumm!


  1. I saw Meher Bano of Luscious holding the Vernis Alma in hot pink with a neon green trunks and bags charm and it looked fantastic..she chooses bags well...sigh....saving up

  2. hmmmm - saving up? Aren't we all!? hahah good luck!

  3. i really wish they showed half of this taste in their designs.

  4. i agree with confuseD !

  5. i agree with confuseD too by the way. I've never been tempted to buy a Nicky Nina outfit...I think it comes down to an earlier discussion about Nida Azwer that these designers need to have a cohesion in their collections. When you look at a NN outfit, it could've been made by anyone.


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