July 1, 2009

Mehreen Syed: Jump on the Choo Choo train.

Mehreen Syed with the Jimmy Choo Face Bag.
Yay? Nay? or Eh? Say What?

The bag does nothing for me! Reminds me of cheesy drawing in beauty salons or Pre historic Style magazines your mom still has.


  1. a big no NO
    seems like some local non-branded magzine

  2. "uughh" is the only word that comes to my mind !

  3. im a li'l embarassed to post this (since everyone seem to be hating this poor bag)
    i actually like it a lot! I jus wish mehreen hadnt stuffed it so much. Jus cuz your bag is big n spacious, doesnt allow u to pack it with everything u get yr hands on! And i disagree with the strap length. In plain bag's picture, the shoulder strap is much shorter! donno wat happened wen mehreen carried it??? i dont see adjustable straps anywhere (and for a good reason)

  4. ^ don't be to each their own! I guess a better way carrying the tote would work?

    I however have to confess this bag is ugly fugly :/

  5. BLLAHHHHH thats all tht comes to mind with this bag !

  6. i met mehreen recently at a fashion show in london,she was carrying the same bag...unfortunately it still looked ugly even with less stuffing...eeww

  7. all i can say is..meh!!!
    very retro, and I don't think all the faces are that attractive :(


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