July 12, 2009

Low Down: Couture '09

SS brings to you the not so happening Couture report from the ramps of Paris this time. The fashion world has been suffering from various reasons, Designers a little too inspired, New designers having to take over for legends and yes, Recession!

Valentino has been an un missable force in the fashion industry, Mr. Valentino being a living legend. His fashion sense has always been very feminine yet calculated. The garments have always been a great combination of timelessness and trends. However when the magician retired he gave the reigns for the House of Valentino to his 'accessory designers' Maria and Pier. They have tried hard to maintain the name of Valentino let alone try to take it further. The pressure of 'keeping' to the aesthetics of Valentino had taken its toll on them with the duosticking to a very Valentino woman in their initial collections, and for the good as proved by the latest collection.
Unfortunately the latest collection lost too much of the Valentino woman. If your not at the front row with the Valentino signature glaring at you, the clothes seem to be too dangerous, bordering on cheap :S. IT was like a mix of Valentino and a new high street brand with garments jumping in and out of the V aesthetic. Say What?

Elie Saab '09
Regular readers will know that Elie Saab and Etro are strong favorites around here. But this time Elie has totally lost the plot. The designer who got his break when Halle Berry wore his boddy hugging gown to the Oscars, has embarrassed himself with an all white collection. THE 'Karl Lagerfield' having done it for chanel only 6 months ago on the same stage, an all white was a bad idea. With news of gasps and giggles on the front row it is highly dis appointing. There was however immense craftsmanship with the chiffon flowers, raw silk ripped detailing and other complicated stuff, phew! The only upside being that may be Elie is gearing up for a younger, more trend conscious customer?... Say What?

... watch this space for further reviews.
images: style.com

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  1. u have good insight into the fashion world at large, keep up the good work!


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