July 9, 2009

Chanel: Foot Candy!

Couture season has so many expectations stringed to it, Designer houses come out with all their force with the show, the garments, the models and the props!
Shoes are one detail that make or break a garment, this time around chanel has totally stolen the show, with sexy and bejeweled shoes.

and the bride wears? Satin Booties of course, Magic!


  1. love love love the brooches on the shoes!

  2. koolll collection
    specially the booties
    love em

  3. loved the black n white booties! rest is nothing new!
    SS, I have 2 questions:
    1- Why doesn't this site have a discussion board/forum where we can start posts, ask questions instead of just commenting on the stuff uploaded here?
    2- I really like to know the latest shoe trend. i'm so confused on what to buy!!! (and I want suggestions that i can find here, in Pakiland) I have made a lot of shoe-shopping blunders recently :( help needed!

  4. hey pink!

    About having a forum, it takes a jiffy to make one but every bit of time to maintain and regulate one. SS will surely have a forum in the future. Till then feel free to email us with your queries or comment :)

    Well you can find international brands at stores such as Mens Store in Khi and Be Smart in lahore. However if you want affordable international footwear which is on trend, always.. then go to charles and keith. They just opened a shop in the shopping plaza next to zouq in khi. Other than that they have branches in lahore, faisalabad and maybe islamabad i think. Happy Shopping. AND whats in trend for shoes, i will do a post specially for you soon!

  5. Are there any places in Pakistan where I can get shoes "inspired" by international brands but are of good quality. Sadly, I dont have $$$ to get real things.

  6. hey sid! wrong place to ask about inspired goodies but as far as quality and keeping up with treands is concerned i would only be able to recommend charles and keith... do have a look and happy shopping!

  7. Oh thank you for doing a post on shoe trends. Charles & keith have been in Khi for over an year and i admire their quality as well as Aldo's on Tariq Road, but i usually end up buying the wrong style or the wrong color n then never really get around to put my feet in them. :P think i have a 'shoe-curse' or sumthing! Desperatley looking fwd to yr post. Cant tell how helpful SS been. much LoVe 8>


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