June 1, 2009

Resham: Mahina Moves...

SS spotted the very chic Resham from the Archives with an understated yet powerful bag by Louis Vuitton. The bag is popular among the young and old, and is used frequently as a travel bag by our friends in Hollywood ;)

Resham at a Dinner Louis Vuitton Mahina Large, $2,740.


  1. ohhh nice n decent - pleasant surprise

  2. nice casual bag but i would neva carry it at a dinner!

  3. I really like it and I usually do not like LV, I guess it's because it's a lot more subtle and not so flashy :)

  4. @Sadia your right, it's more of a day bag.

    @Signe The mahina line is one of the acceptable ones from LV, monogram canvas is an absolute fashion disaster.

    Love your opinions guys, keep commenting!

  5. LOVE IT! and totally agree - mono is trash (ESPECIALLY multicolore!) and this bag is way more day than night..I think the only "logofied" bag from LV that isn't too wannabe is mahina and vernis :)

  6. ^ wild card! OMG we think alike girl! i absolutely love vernis esp. the new colors, and even if i see an authentic Lv multicolor, it looks fake! its just a bad choice in any way shape or form...

    Make sure u vote for your fav. vogue cover!


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