June 27, 2009

Nida Azwar: Textile Trooper!

Nida Azwer is a designer with a different vision. Her garments are an ambitious bunch, they try to portray a modern silhouette with a traditional twist but only in a simpler way.
Some times the clothes border at amateur, the execution seems to lack in some places.

I rather like either the proper western look (The white dress with multi Bolero on Nadia) or proper eastern ( The 'angrakha' on Sanam)


  1. okay, firstly i feel Nida Azwer could be the next best thing in Pakistani Fashion! BUT i dont know why there's so much going on in her show???? She looks too smart to pull something mediocore like this! I mean are those the famous origami cranes hanging from the ceiling??? Plus her dresses are not following a single signature style! if she wanted to leave her mark, she shuda stick to one best genre to work on! I see heavy formal joras, work attire and semi formals?? What's going on?? My advice: Go slow, Get a grip, Nida!

  2. Agreed! AND on every point!
    I think she wanted to show all that she CAN do, but in doing so the collection lost a cohesive and capsule feel and was more 'everywhere'

    As i said i either like the extremely western or easter. Although there's absolutely no harm in having every kind of silhouette i.e. work wear, formals etc but its imp. to maintain a signature style at large and a cohesive feel to the collection in specific.

  3. I agree with the above comments completely, as a matter of fact I came to the comment section to write exactly these points. Lack of signature is becoming very common in a lot of local designers. It has become too easy to become a "designer", but the real talent shows when you pick up a piece and see the signature all over it. Like Kamiar Rokni, Umar Sayeed etc and now Sadaf Malaterre

  4. Well i agree with you AS you know, but i have my reservations with Kami's work, yes his work shows signature but when the piece is actually in your hands especially the pret wear avail. at PFDC the quality is below average, the work is mediocre and innovation lacking. I hope he gets on track soon - and thats where his LUX nomination totally looses me :S

  5. a lot of agreeeing is goin on ;) so i'll agree with SS on kami's work. his heart doesnt seem to be in his work, lately. I hope he gets around this prob n make better pieces again!

    As for LUX ...who gets it or been nominated for, doesnt really concern me...cuz at the end of the day...we all know wat goes behind the so called, LUX AWARDS! ughhh. lousy!

  6. I just love that 'angrakha'. The girl has talent, I'll give her that.


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