June 28, 2009

Naeem Khan: Magician at Work!

There are a lot of designers that i respect, love and admire. Many of them because of the struggle they went through, the revolution they brought about, the rules they broke and made!

I love Versace for their bravery, Gucci for their innovative yet wearable style, Chanel for being classy yet fashionable, Givenchy for its extreme, Gaultier for his love for art, Bottega for being the epitome of 'less is more' and Mc Queen for being the soldier of fashion! BUT given that i afford their pieces, not always can i wear them.

Yes i am a pakistani girl that does not wear sleeve less, or bare legs or go commando for the extreme matter of that! No wrongs or rights here. There is one designer though, Naeem Khan who makes pieces that are gorgeous, proper fused (east and west) and wearable! Surprised? so am i, every time! And no different this time... And so i present to you Naeem Khan Fall'09 second only to my first love, Etro.

Naeem Khan, Respect.

My All time favorites from Naeem Khan:

Spring '08, Fall '08.
Pre Fall '09, Spring '09,

I have a strong feeling that one of our 'great' designers will try a hand at 'being a little too inspired by his collection' FYI: SS is watching.


  1. stunning collection....though u r right,we will probably see a lot of copies...btw do u know where the collection is available for sale?

  2. hey! u can go to naeemkhan.com for more info.

    I think they stock at bergdorf goodman's third floor probably. They have stuff at saks in dubai ...


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