June 4, 2009

Looks of the Week: Who looked Hot!

Style Stripped brings you another drool worthy section to keep you updated about who's wearing what across the world. We bring you looks that demand notice from here and beyond!
Tell us if you like them, hate them - would wear them?

                                    Heres for our first installment of 'Looks of the week'!                                    

Who: Jahan Ara at an awards ceremony.                          
Why?: Its important to go for one fashion statement at a time, Jahan Ara keeps it simple with the gorgeous sari in the perfect color and lets the necklace do the talking.
Keywords: Elegant, Classy and Tasteful.                       
 Keywords: Hot, Sleek and On trend!
Who: Kate Walsh at a Movie Premiere in Stella McCartney.
Why?: The color block dress has beens, the rage for a long time now, Kate makes it hot in gorgeous colors, nude louboutins help keep the dress in charge.
Keywords: Hot, Sleek and On trend!

WhoHillary Duff at an Award Ceremony.                   
Why?: Monochrome with a hint of color is as safe a bet as an LBD... Hillary chooses just the right color.            
Keywords: Young, Trendy and Elegant.        

Who: Kashmala Tariq
Why?: White on white is an absolute summer essential and Kashmala does it with effortless style. With subtle makeup and understated jewelry.
Keywords: Vision in white, classy, understated elegance.


  1. i think it's kashmala Tariq.

  2. ^ thank you sean... Fixed! :)

  3. Like 'em all except for Hilary..it's not her usual standard and looks like what teenage girls pull off!

  4. @ wildcard, i do like the color combo thought - i think her hair is a bit too YOUNG for the look.


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