June 13, 2009

Lollywood: Learning their lesson.

Lollywood 'celebrities' have come a long way, with Reema totally representing Pakistan with subtle makeup, designer clothes and accessories, Done Right!
Resham and Meera take steps towards the better too. Recent developments in the fashion industry comprising designers, models, photographers and stylists among other fields have been 'good' exposure for these ladies. They sure have learned a thing or two for the good!

At a recent event Meera went for a Gold look, - The make up is not cheap or tacky, it is quite balanced with the stress on the cheeks. Resham on the other hand went for the staple smokey eye look, which really works for her, so well done. 
Atiqa is the defaulter this time, with the passe Blonde hair. Just because you own a cosmetic company doesn't mean who have to use all of it in one go!


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