June 9, 2009

Khaadi: Taking the road less travelled.

Pakistani fashion follows a set style when it comes to the 'tanka'. It has always been kora, dabka and resham. Techniques have been similarly stagnant. But pioneers like khaadi have taken the idea of the 'garment' much further. 
First the use of 'khaddi' (an ancient instrument for fabric weaving in literal), then an intense use of the mix and match concept in their 'Silk' line. Now with Khaadi khaas they take the concept further with new and innovative embroidery styles.


  1. If i could, I'd ban the color, "WHITE" from fashion (for this season at least!). Fine, it's a cool tone to be worn in summer, BUT hey, u r missing the whole point of going all fun 'n crazie with summer-hues. I love Khaadi for all its colors and they did great. I m just against the use of so much white!!

  2. am not impressed, not by this collection?!?


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