June 20, 2009

Fayezah Ansari: The Grecian Bubble.

The bubble dress is quite the rage this season with designers going more for silhouette than embellishment. Fayezah wears TeeJays, the dress has the femininity of a grecian dress, the youth of the bubble hem and the fierceness of the wearer.
Well accessorized with a cluster of bangles, this one is a sure winner!



  1. I do love the way the dress is designed by T.Jay's and flaunted by Fayezah. I wish it was made in a more sheen and rich fanric. It looks cotton to me (ot that cotton isn't elegant...just not for RED Carpet Grecian gown)
    And oh, had fayeza left her eyemakeup alone and gave a lil color to her lips instead, she wud have contrasted greatly!

  2. love the dress and bangles! not so impressed by the bucket full of eye shadow :S eeekkk

  3. @ pink, yeah it looks cotton-ish but it drapes surprisingly well, don u think?

    @ no - totally get the no lipstick look, but the eyshadow a tad bit lighter would be perfect.

  4. yep, the fall of the dress is amazing! the fit and the color, everything perfect. It just misses that rich look! that's al am sayin'


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