June 8, 2009

Fashion 101: Pants.

Unlike fashion groups, sites and portals up till now, Style Stripped is hugely about educating the 'customer' and was born out of the very idea. 'Fashion 101' is a category which aims to provide Fashion know how.

Designers have played with the pant for decades, it has been around in different shapes and sizes.
Some agree with times and trend more than others.
... heres a short and sweet know how exclusively compiled for SS readers.

  • The Flared Leg: This pant follows a flared out pattern as it reaches the hem.
  • The Jodhpurs: are fuller above the knee, and fitted there after.
  • The Stirrup Pant: Inspired by the Stirrup used on a horse.
  • The Capri: One with length below the knew but above the ankle.
  • The Harem Pant: Inspired by the Arabic pant, Fullest in the middle.
  • The High Waisted: Just as the name suggests.
  • The Paper Bag Pant: Derived from when a paper bag is held on top with one fist. Drawstring detail.

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