May 2, 2009

Reader Deed : Quirky Retro Glam.

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'Wild Card' enquired about a bag that Pashmeena was wearing at a launch event. 
Big up to Pashmina for telling us it's a 'no name' from London so here are a few recommendations:

Yellow Wallet ($36)  and Orange Clutch (£ 25) @ Top Shop; Black Quilted flap ( £ 30) and Pink quilted tote ( £ 49)

 Purple/Pink Flower Tote Rs. 5800, Pink and Turquoise stripe Rs. 3800, Red and Pink Tote POR, Multi Color Clutch approx. Rs. 3500 All @ Mahin Hussain.

For more info. contact Mahin via our Fashion Directory.


  1. Wow! I'm honoured ;)
    Topshop looks great, but its too much of a Chanel/MJ rip off, so :s
    the mahin hussain bags are fun! I liked the multicoloured stripe clutch

    Check out Prada's latest line of suitcases in 15 different colours! So beautiful hahaha, oh and also a Balenciaga lattice city is gorgeoussss (and multi coloured :D)

  2. Yuo they do look really 'inspired' but pauls boutique always have pieces like these unfortunately -
    Mahin husain' are nice, not my taste but quite trendy, i'm glad we could help you!

    If Balenciaga it has to be a ggh or an sgh - :)

  3. ohhhh too colorful for me hehe


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