May 7, 2009

Ayesha Saigol: Balenciaga Bland...

... Along with sasu maa Sehar, Ayesha was spotted with a tiny image( yeah i know i am good!) wearing a hot balenciaga, We just think she should've put a little thought in her appearance otherwise. A little gloss don't hurt no one eh? Time for tips from MIL.

Arena Giant Mid-Day in Praline, $ 1,825.

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  1. omg i love balenciaga - this is such aa blaaaahhhh - almost makes me wanna buy the bag NOT

  2. a brighter colour would have made all the difference.
    Great job on ID'ing btw!

  3. ^ thanks ;) a Bal is next on my list ... and yeah there is a gorgeous bubble pink(fambroise) a stunning blue(marine) ... and so many more - if only!

  4. she is like a blank canvas....i feel like picking up a paint brush and adding some colour...haha


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