May 3, 2009

Last Word: Couture Dude, Faraz.

SS brings you Faraz, from one of the most coveted Couture Houses in Pakistan. Their work speaks volumes about the aesthetic force behind it. Currently dealing with Bridal and Formals, we take you behind the force that is Rouge! Meet Faraz Manan - Couture Dude.

SS: Favourite National and International Designer?

FM: Bunto Kazmi and  Ralph Lauren


SS: What’s your idea of a perfect day?

FM: Wake up late ...have brunch with family  and  listen to music hangout with my close friends all day........then go out for dinner with them or a movie . And go for coffee later...maybe


SS: What is your favourite work of art?

FM: The Battle of Anghiari by Leanardo


SS: Coffee or tea?

FM: Cold Coffee 

SS: Tell me about your best friend.

FM: I have more than one................ 

SS: What is your favourite form of communication?

FM: Blackberry


SS: When you were 9, what did you want to be when you grew up?

 FM: Film Actor


SS: How do you relax and recharge after a hard day?

 FM: Order in food, watch TV and chat to my close friends on the phone....


SS: What's your favorite holiday?

FM: New York


SS: What is your favorite store in the world?

FM: Harvey Nichols 

SS: Do you cook?  If so, what is your specialty?

 FM: Scrambled    Eggs


SS: For what will you be arrested (hypothetically speaking)?

 FM: Drunk Driving


SS: What books are currently on your night stand?

 FM: Reluctant Fundamentalist (I’ve been trying to finish it for the past 6 months)


SS: Sean Connery or Daniel Craig?

 FM: Sean Connery


SS: What's your favorite flower?

FM: White Lilies


SS: What's your material of choice when sketching your designs?

 FM: Charcoal Pencil and paper of course.


SS: What did you do last weekend and what are your plans for this weekend?

FM: Last weekend was a close friend's wedding......this weekend maybe a dinner and GT with friends.


SS: What did you have for lunch today?

 FM: Burger from Cosa.

SS: Ocean or mountains?

FM: Ocean


SS: Please look up from your computer (or wherever you're answering these questions) and describe what you see around you.

 FM: My office: my family picture in a friend’s photos, the mood board ......clothes magazines clothes!!


SS: Superman or Spider man?

 FM: Superman


SS: Please tell me about your favourite item of clothing or jewellery and why it's so special to you.

  FM: An Armani Jacket a very close friend of mine gifted me last year.


SS: If you found One Lakh cash in a brown paper bag, how would you spend it?

 FM: Dinner at Fuji and party with all my friends.


SS: How much does a MM Bridal cost? Is there a deferred payment plan for girls who can't pay all at once?

 FM: An average MM bridal costs between 3 to 5 Lacs. No payments plan as yet....but could do so.


SS: Fashion Animosity, Your thought?

 FM: Our designers develop these egos overnight.....without realising how small they or the industry is and they have miles to go ...before they should even think of anything but



SS:Fashion Piracy, Your take?

 FM: Couldnt care less......creative people with good taste and good fashion sense will always be coming up with new stuff .Piracy is here to stay for the losers


SS: What never fails to make you cry?

 FM: Films


SS: When are you happiest?

  FM: When im with my friends or travelling with them.


SS: Is there any color or fabric that you'd never use in a Manan collection?

  FM:  Parrot Green , Synthetic Fabric


SS: What freaks you out?

 FM: Lizards


SS: Which Wallet do you carry?

 FM: RalphLauren


SS: Marriage Plans?

 FM: Yes in another 2 years Inshallah.


SS: Never...

 FM: Get jealous or intimidated by anyone


SS: Always...

 FM: live for the moment and think positive


SS: Your take on Style Stripped. And your favorite section?

 FM: Style Stripped is fashion at its best.....funny but honest. Star Style

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  1. Style Stripped IS fashion at its best! Well done.
    and by cosa, he means cosa nostra i have heard they have good food hmmm


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