May 21, 2009

Kamiar Rokni: pUUnjabi Power House!

Kamiar's latest collection makes me smile and laugh and jump for joy. Kami has amalgamated every possible silhouette, be it the shirts or the pants!
There is something for every one... slits, no slits; boot cut, straight, choridaars, flappers! Every thing plus the summer color palette is perfect!
Kamiar Rokni with official Muse Maliha Naipul.

Kamiar on the Red Carpet - Love that shirt! 
The collection evidently uses the 'Multani Ralli' design. Incorporated nicely into print in a modern way.
Is it all that good? Or are we just excited... You tell us! Click Comment below...


  1. really funky collection and love his logo t-shirt...i want one too!

  2. yeah me too love that T!

    the collection is very nice too however some of the dresses don't agree with 'NORMAL' physiques... :(

  3. Very easy breezy clothes, wonderful mix of colour palettes and can work on all builds. Fabulous!

    SS, where can I purchase his collection? I'm in london so somewhere online would be best. Thanks!

  4. There is no online OUTLET for Kamiar Rokini as yet, the website has been under construction for ages...
    You can email him and ask him for info such as prices and delivery options, if any... hope that helps :)


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