May 13, 2009

Fashion 101: Jump Suits.

Jump suits are still all the rage. However this style from our mother's era can be hard to translate into day wear. Our fashion Vocabulary refuses to register the silhouette.
No fear though Style Stripped tells you how to pull off a jump suit in two ways!

Pink Jump Suit by Louis Vuitton.

If you decide to do a color punch than be sure to go all the way, dose it up with bright accessories such as the Hermes Birkin in Yellow and balance it out with Nude shoes such as these by Christian Louboutin. 
If however going for a more clean look, Think Luxury. Go for a clean palette with statement pieces such as a glamourous watch by Chopard and a Bold Bag by Balenciaga.

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  1. ahhh how i wish! love the balenciaga bag though - very different


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