May 22, 2009

Faiza Samee: Summer Lovin'

SS brings you feminine, flirty and big time summer Lovin' courtesy of Faiza Samee SS'09.
These pieces are a to make a sure summer statement, very wearable and gorgeous.

 I love ALL the pieces... How about you.. you think the pieces are worth all the hype?


  1. i love how all the clothes are so wearable.. for all people , fat healthy and slim, lovely colors and evrything is good.

  2. I do like this collection. But looks a little too Sabyasachi-inspired to me (the last 5 outfits that is) nonetheless, love the colours of the 4th outfit.

  3. definitely like clothes,they r very wearable unlike a lot of other collections recently.

  4. absolutely girls this one is a must have! Every shape, size and style.
    I think the collection itself is not sabyasachi inspired but the 'Current', because the 'patti' style is all over the place.

    Love your comments guys! Keep 'em coming!


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