May 19, 2009

Bunto Kazmi: Timeless Elegance.

If there was one woman in Pakistan who I would expect to own a Chanel Time Less Clutch that would be Bunto Kazmi. No surprise therefore when she was spotted looking effortlessly glamourous with the Clutch.
Bunto is known for her minimalist personal style, and the clutch sure does justice to that.

Bunto Kazmi with Zeba Hussain.

Neetu Kapoor at an Awards Show, Olsen Twin
Victoria Beckham, Chanel Timeless Clutch Lambskin £ 735.

The Clutch is popular among young and old of the Fashion who's who... Worn by Victoria Beckham, Olsen Twins and Neetu Kapoor but to name a few.
What do you think? Is the clutch a total must have?


  1. Yes it sure is an elegant clutch! Would love to own one..

  2. ooo me likes and me wants.....time to get down to a chanel store...btw ss how much is it?

  3. @ Isma and amna.. well girls! its on my list thats for sure ... its a must have, the metallic versions are super hot too!

    About the prices, i just updated the post, the clutch comes in two leather...
    Lambskin (like here): £ 735
    Caviar: £ 665.

    Hope it helps! xx

    keep commenting girls..

  4. thanks ss....thats was very helpful....and metaalivvlic one sound great..i will have to go check them out !

  5. thanks Ss wonder if its available in the uk hmm

  6. yes girls it's surely a must have! It is available in UK, Chanel at heathrow is cheaper too.
    it's wise to call and ask first :)

    Happy Shopping girls and Keep Commenting!

  7. Thanks again ss will defo give them a call at heathrow & see if they have it there even better if its in gold ;) x

  8. now wouldnt we just kill for chanel! surely a 30 plus piece but a MUST HAVE 30 plus piece :)

  9. I <3 it! Its such a versatile piece, can go with practically anything and adds a touch of sophisticated glamour. I want!!

  10. MUST HAVE is the verdict girls! Truly TDF!


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