May 24, 2009

Body Focus: The Chic-est Warrior.

Fell in love with Body Focus over again. This is how you do understated elegance. The theme for me screamed 'Chic Warrior' She's the woman coming to get you with her Style!

The very talented Eman takes a bow.

Drool away you guys... I know I am!


  1. loving the prints! the shapes are rather too billowing though, but funky belts can sort that out easily.

  2. thats true MQ, whatever works for your shape. If you want to define your waist then don a belt, if your shoulders then go off the shoulder... The collection gives you so many options...

    and as Karl Lagerfield said ' A Fashion show is JUST a proposition!' :)

    p.s. join us in the vogue competition.

  3. Agreed!

    I do actually want to take part in the vogue competition, just wondering when the deadline is? Its a great idea and you never know, it may just spark the beginning of vogue pakistan for real! ;)

  4. oh im totally lovin' this collection! It's all fresh and and chic!


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