April 10, 2009

Sana Safinaz: Rock That BIRKIN!

Style Stripped spotted the very fashionable Sana of the brilliant Dup Sana Safinaz at their pret wear Launch at Ensemble!
Sana wore a much too 'drool worthy Exotic Birkin!'

The Saffron Ostrich Birkin, 30cm Approx. $12,000.

... I absolutely adore the bag! 
With SS everything has to be top of the line, no surprise therefore that when they did a Birkin it had to be exotic! WOW.


  1. LOVE this..victoria beckham has one in every colour, but I think this tan/saffron one is the best. Such an understated, chic colour, goes with absolutely anything, any season! Quite spacious too, so a perfect choice for someone who has just enough time to throw things in a bag and go! Loving the nude colour Sana is wearing, the bag looks deliciously hot with it!

  2. Absolutely lush!

  3. lol!!!!
    why cant i bring my self to like the birkins?like seriously.i love the knot clutches n almost every other bag we sight.but some how i dont underatand the birkin.
    i hope i do one daY!
    but looks nice to begin with!

  4. ^ yup!
    LOVE the bag!! absolutely gorgeous...

  5. The Ostrich Birkin in 30 cm is 9300 Euros in Paris, which is like 12.000 US dollars, a bit more in the US though.

  6. ^ thnks for the info. :)
    wasnt sure my self therefore approx.

  7. OMG OMG this bag is awesome - i would rather she wore something plain, a dress with it or something... the outfit takes away from the gorgeousness of the bag! wow


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