April 10, 2009

Rizwan Beyg: Taking the Road Less Travelled.

Style Stripped brings you the latest collection from Rizwan Beyg.
It is apparent that he has done something different this time. But to good avail?
Say What?

... The boots are reminiscent of Spice Girls.
Photography: Shamyl Khuro.


  1. OMG! I didn't expect this from Rizwan Beyg! This is so ugly that I can't describe it

  2. umm...
    not every thing about the look is working but ill still appreciate himf or doing something different.i think the line lacks color and the shoes sure are from the closet of EMMA-the sugar girl of spice ganG!
    in total-its a yes!

  3. awesome styles with excellant photography!

  4. Different. Wild and Out of the world stuff :)

  5. @ all - i feel its good to be experimental, i like the photography too.
    whats fails me is the fact that all elements such as clothes, shoes, poses, hair, model are making a statement.

    This seems to take away from the clothes sadly, which i am not a fan of ...

  6. To be honest I think the photography style is quite trashy like the clothes- no offence

  7. frankly speaking... its border line stripper! The boots, the fish net stocking .. the hair, no good!


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