April 6, 2009

Munib Nawaz: and Pakistan takes the cake!

Style Stripped is proud to share some seriously good news.
Munib Nawaz won the 'Best Male Designer' prize at the Miami Fashion Week.
Munib's vision has always been 'different' and different in Pakistan is rejected at first sight. However he proved his metal time and again with the reoccurring appearance of his garments in various music videos in Pakistan. 
This time though he's done it! Well Done Dude, We're proud!

Munib Nawaz at the Miami Fashion Week Runway.


  1. totaly commendable!!
    love teh way he used the map of pakistan on the clothes!!!!
    way to gO!

  2. Wow! MashAllah, thats amazing! and his designs are so cool! They certainly are different, but atleast they're original, unlike many of the other Pakistani designers.

  3. love to the people and the positive energy you all have given me to be where i am today!
    thanks and more love!

  4. @ Sana - Totally! Yup the Map Jacket is my favorite piece!

    @MQ - yup they are cool and innovation and hallelujah for being original ! Go Munib!

    @Munib - Love to the guy who put Pakistan on the Fashion map!
    All the support and Luck from SS and it's readers!

  5. Munib is a visionary - not all the men in pakiland would dare wear his clothes, but they are truly chic and praise worthy..

    Well Done for the MFW, good going dude!

  6. the line i see here is totaly classY!every MAN should own a piece!black suits done right are a must in every guys closet n what muneeb has done is totaly amaziNG!
    esa nahi lag raha keh koye ewain sa hi show ho ga jahan jeet gaya..his deisgns are actually sayING "we are awsOmE"


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