April 20, 2009

Competition: Vogue Pakistan.

... No this is NOT (unfortunately) a news flash of Vogue coming to Pakistan. But it is an opportunity for you to give us your view of a potential Pakistani Vogue.

Vogue is undoubtedly the Global Fashion Bible. Heres a chance for you to show your love for Style! The Vogue Pakistan Competition is about:

* Submitting your very own COVER PAGE! of Vogue Pakistan. This can include any images, colors, layout, celebrities etc.

* Also suggest a content page. This can include Runways you would love to see, Bags you would kill to own, Shoes you would die to wear and Trends you think are a must to follow.

.... The cover page will be displayed on Style Stripped with Your Name or Username, whichever you prefer and people will be able to give their opinion about it. Their will be a winner and two runner ups. Please avoid any abusive language and extreme images in your cover. Mail entries to style.stripped.com 
in JPEG or PNG formats.

So gear up you guys! It's your turn at Style Stripped!
Good Luck!

Here is an idea of what you have to make:
(Images below are just an idea, you can alter the layouts, colors, images, text as you wish.
A COVER PAGE                                            ... and a  Content Page

>>>>>>>>    FOR PRIZES  SEE HERE.
End Date: 5 June.


  1. Time to get creative!!!!!

  2. wow! nice idea - off to work

  3. where do we send it though?

  4. @ style.stripped@gmail.com


  5. Whens the deadline for this SS? I feel like I've missed it! :/

  6. hey MQ the competition deadline has been moved to june 15th!! so starting today you have 15 days, we have also got amazing prizes for you guys!! so don't give it a miss, the prizes however can only be sent to a Pakistan address, so may be someone to receive them for you, that is IF you win ;)

    so get creative! and good luck :)

  7. hi iam sarah 22 karachi iwan a win thiz but how idont understand


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