March 1, 2009

Too much of a good thing?

... Nabila is surely the greatest stylists Pakistan has ever seen. How ever whenever she takes it up a notch it seems to go quite wrong.
Remember the Pel ad with Hadiqa? She lookes like a wanna be Barbie.
... and now it's Babra Sharif, The diva is let down I think.
and for Nabila to choose Amy Winehouse? She's a chain smoker, been in rehab for excessive drinking no less than five times! Has been caught on crack in Print!! and above all has a very diturbed destructive and disillusioned sense of style. Arrghhh
Have a look...


Cruela Devil; Marylin Monroe


  1. boring and sort of in ur face 60's

  2. Anonymous11:50 PM

    i never thought she could look bad.. but what do u know!
    and the marylin monroe shld have a deeper vampy shade of red.

  3. What the hell? The entire concept is soo wrong and utterly baaaad

  4. Anonymous10:52 AM

    completely wrong. so wrong!

  5. oh god am so glad i am getting a chance to comment on it.i saw the shoot on sunday and was shocked....its so not nabilas standard....and she has made babra look cheap...ughhh

  6. @ All .. the concept is good, the icons: Wrong; the model: Wrong and the execution quite wrong!

    @ Amna...
    I am so glad you got the chance to comment. I know how it is when you have so much to say but no where to share! That's how SS was born :)

    I agree with you, Nabila is indeed the BEST in pakistan! but yes Babra looks trashy unlike her normal classy self.

    ... Also if you find any interesting, this would mean unbelievably BAD and Good, Please email me at and i shall try to feature it on the site, with your name on it! yayyy


  7. This comes quite late but I think being a 'fashion critic', the last thing you should be doing is judging the celebrities/whoever each look is inspired from by mentioning what all they have been upto in the past, as it is completely pointless here. Remember that despite everything you mentioned, Amy Winehouse still has millions of fans all over the world and there ARE people who admire her style of dressing up. Maybe not you, but like I said, many others do. Your job as a critic is to bring forward your point of view regarding a particular look, and justifying it by mentioning her wrongdoings is.. futile here. No hard feelings :)

  8. @ rida, Your comment is based on an assumption: that i am JUST a 'fashion critic' which i am NOT
    ... and at SS it's always more about style than fashion and a huge part of someone's style quotient is their personality.

    As for Amy Winehouse, She is a one hit wonder and an extremely bad example for people across the world. No hard feelings ;)

  9. To each their own :)

  10. yes, and to understand that- better late than ever :)

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