March 15, 2009

Umar Sayeed: A Style Stripped Exclusive.

I took one look at the latest campaign of Umar Sayeed's creations done by Athar and Shehzad and I fell in Love!
The shoot is sheer genius! The Garments are good, Very Innovative.
The shoot is very refreshing, its the epitome of the 'cheap and chic' phenomenon done Paki style.

... Style Stripped gives you Umar Sayeed for Sunday, The first to share images with you in the cyber jungle... 
Happy Drooling!

... and now for my favorite picture:

... I absolutely HEART the retro glam make over, Cybil carries it off with such poise. 

Images: Daily Times, Sunday.


  1. Hi.... Ummmm doesnt look very fascinating to me ... ummmm average is what i would call it ...

  2. i like teh shoot.
    reminds me of last years HERMES magzine.
    the work is average but i will still thank him for getting away from what he was doing!

    love the new look of teh website!!
    keep up the good worK!!!!

  3. nice shoot
    somehow they got a way to show our average's life culture n not always posh n beautiful stuff
    well i think d pretty clothes r much prominent in d shaggy background

  4. by d way who wud iron d clothes after wearin umer sayeed?

  5. liked d changes of d web
    thumbs up

  6. @ saba and sana.. thanks for the appreciation girls!

  7. i think the idea is really refreshing and the jackets are lush!


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