March 13, 2009

Sobia Nazir : Style Mantra with 'Last Word'

SS brings you the most quirky and personal interview with Sobia Nazir. The Creative Genius behind The Designer House 'Sobia Nazir.'
The person behind the colorful creations, The likes and dislikes of the woman, The latest sensation in Fashion!

Style Stripped gives you a chance to get to know the Real Sobia.
Happy Drooling!!


  • Which other designer's work do you like? International and Local.
  • roberto cavalli and sana safinaz

  • If you could come back as one dress, which one would it be? (Add a picture if you have one)
  • dvb jeans

  • If you could come back as a model, who would it be?
  • tyra bank or cindy crawford

  • What's your fav. colour?
  • black and white

  • What's your fav. Junk Food?
  • pizza

  • what scares you most?
  • elevators

  • what's the secret?
  • believe in yourself

  • Any female artists you particularly admire?
  • madonna

  • Is there something special you do for someone who cannot pay for a Sobia Nazir creation all in one? Do you have a deferred payment plan?
  • i ll try to accomodate her and be flexible

  • What's your most common saying?
  • what im trying to say...

  • What is the one thing you LOVE and one thing you HATE about doing what you do? (andddd please there has to be one!)
  • love the creative part of my job 
  •  hate dealing with difficult cutomers

  • Your motto in life?
  • treat others as you would like to be treated

  • What is your take on ' Designers being 'Inspired' (copying) by other Designers?' Do you thing it's ok if a Designer take only 40 percent of another one's creation?
  • i ususally take it as a compliment...

  • Have you ever cheated in life? (In any aspect)...
  • no

  • What computer do you use?
  • hp  
  • Do you give back to the society? If not are you planning some sort of social Act.

  • Plastic surgery ... Yes or No?
  • never

  • What do you have for breakfast?
  • a glass of milk ,cereal and egg

  • At age 7 what did you want to be?
  • fashion designer

  • Favorite vacation spot and why?
  • london ,love to shop there!

  • What's you most treasured possession?
  • my son

  • Which is the one Brand (Bags; Shoes) you swear by?
  • louis vuitton

  • Alot of designers still don't deliver on time. What do you do to ensure that doesn't happen?
  • i have the most efficient team we have delivered bridals within a week notice

  • How does one go about interning with Sobia Nazir. And is it only Fashion related and therefore for Fashion student OR can other people think about it too?
  • send in your portfolio .prefer taking fashion students

  • If you weren't a designer what would you be?
  • a painter

  • What piece of Art would you most like to own?
  • sadequin painting

  • Are there any set backs of working where you do from?
  • When and where are you most happy?
    at work

  • Whose diary would you most like to read?
  • my fathers

  • What do you hate about the Fashion Industry?
  • politics

  • What's you biggest self-indulgence?
  • diamonds and bags

  • What's you favorite place to shop?
  • london

  • If you were an Inventor, what would you invent?
  • would like to invent a medicine that can make you size 6

  • Your biggest critic?
  • my family

  • Always
  • ...thankful to God for all that you have in this transitory lifetime

  • Never
  • ...give up

  • What is your take on Style Stripped (be comprehensive if you wish ;)
  • very much interesting and ignited experience on each visit. keep up the good work!

  • A big thank you to Sobia Nazir! Your a Star :)


    1. lv, london, dvb, sadequian and madonna... sobia sure is a classy lady!

    2. Shes an adorably Stylish lady! very poised :)

    3. also sobia please work on ur costomers service as it is crap.. i have never dealt with more rude ppl!

    4. You copy off clothes THE MOST. i just read your whole interview!!! you take it as a form of flattery??? girl YOU ARE THE BIGGEST COPIER OUT THERE!

    5. i love your clothes you are my favorite designer ever. i am always wearing sobia nazir. my name is nadia adnan.


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