March 5, 2009

... Amrota Arora Weds.

Amrita Arora married Boy Friend Shakeel.
... Bollywood was in full force with Kareena and Malaika as Brides Maids, How cute!
Photobucket PhotobucketBride and Groom.
Photobucket Photobucket

The BridesMaids in coordinated Gowns; Kareena looking stunning!

Sohail Khan, Helen, Saleem Khan.


  1. not impressed by her wedding dress, although I like the peachy combination of the bridesmaides outfits.

  2. amna zaidi3:40 PM

    the bridesmaids look lovely...not sure about the bride...she doesnt look radiant,and the dress does nothing for her..

  3. @sabbasi: yeah Bride looks quite normal.. happy but normal.

  4. Ooh I live the renaissance touch in the bridesmaid hair, very pretty! Yea Amrita could have worn a better dress.

  5. sadiayounis11:06 PM

    bride could have opted for a nice vera wang or vivienne westwood bridal,i mean c'mon shes into showbiz she must be rich she could afford a classy dress..i dunno da dress looks cheap n tacky..kareena n malaika look nice tho

  6. @ Hina.. yup its also called the french hair.

    @ Sadia: well the lace is suppose to be Vintage Ungaro but that doesnt do any thing for me!


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