February 16, 2009

Which Look Does It For You?

So we have seen her rocking western and eastern... light and dark..

We would love to know what you think?
Light or Dark...



  1. Defo the lighter shades its so nice & refreshing love it!

  2. minus the churidars-skinny pants-whatever u wana call those..i quite like the shirt n duppata of teh darker one. but the lighter is definately a hit

  3. my vote z towards d pastels...she looks more innocent in them
    n also i didnt liked her pajama in d dark dress
    kindda awkward

  4. Lighter shades suit everyone..but she is not looking bad either in the darker ones except the wide churidar..

  5. @ All... i hve to say i like lighter better... the only issue i have with darker is the pants..

  6. Anonymous2:40 PM

    OMG her legs look like HOOFs, yuk they are so fat and unsightly


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