February 16, 2009

Travel InStyle! We Insist!!!

SS brings you the best of the best always!! For those of you who want to rock it even in transit, we have for you JUST how to do so!
Jet setting to Rome, London or even Venice ... heres what you want!
... Our picks
... need some inspiration? See how the Celebs. do it!


David Beckalicious, Kelly Brooke, RiRi.

update: speeling mistake, thank you Anony.!


  1. Anonymous1:08 AM

    OMG!! how i wish!!! *faints*

    I love the LV duffle!
    and riri looks hawt!

  2. thnk u! keep coming back and commenting!

  3. i love those.i think investing in travel goodies is better than investing on any other designer goods!

    keep up the workkk!

  4. ooohh everyone is carrying LV
    and david beckhem is looking dashing smashing as always bt his bag seems like sum beauty box hehehehe
    bt still i loved it

  5. @ sana.. thts true travel goodies are really in! plus u can also buy plastic covers from airports or countries like the usa and uk to go on top of the bags...

    @ saba.. david does look gorgy!
    haha its a proper trolley.. the picture is short lol...

    and LV luggage has been and will be forever in style!


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