February 16, 2009

Ooops - A BAD Hair day?

SS spotted Sonam at the American premiere of her movie 'Delhi 6'...
Ok so she finally made a mistake... the hair! Tell me what you think?


  1. Guess she could have made an effort with the hair but none the less she still looks hot!

  2. sadhia10:55 PM

    yeah I guess you are right, her hair is not really working out the whole look. But I love her necklace and clothes.

  3. uuhhhhhhhh
    im hating abhishek as much as i can.
    he looks YUCKYY
    and sonam..though i have loved everything ive ever seen of sabya saachi but shes wearing awfull stuff from his collections.

    change plz!

  4. bt i didnt liked her make up. she loooks tanned
    n also d cutline of d dress doesnt works for me
    n VELVET....nayyyyyyy

  5. Her jewelry is TDF, it is so freakin gorgeous!!!! Yea hair is kinda funky and I am not too crazy about her make-up.

  6. @ all ... jewelry is gorgeous!! for sure.. its an uncut diamond or polki set...
    and her hair.. its not just bad its reallyu bad.. but i have a feeling there must have been issues with hairstylists or time management,.. sonam could not have done this intentionally...

    also due to the way of her duppatta i can hardly see her suit sadly...:(

  7. Anonymous2:41 PM

    she just needs to wash her hair thats all!!!

  8. I agree, a shampoo would've helped :)


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