February 16, 2009

A Note ... *SIGH*

Thank you for enjoying Style Stripped and supporting it!
There are a few things to discuss...

1. SS will be doing a rip off parade very soon. The designer is well known, well respected and among the 'so called' pioneers of the Fashion World in Pakistan. 
So watch this space! It is going to be eye opening!!

2.We have been featured in the Lifestyle Magazine 'Niche' again! It is a proud moment indeed. Please make sure you get your copy soon! SS covers four pages with drool worthy Bag spotting, you don't want to miss thiS!!

3. Style Stripped is not financed by any one, is not working towards making a particular person or company feel bad, is an open forum ( hard to imagine but yes...) purely for information purposes. As i have said before I want the individual of Pakistan to make aware fashion choices!

4. The only pay back we have our 'Your Comments'. The website stats show that more than 1,049 people view the website every week! But only a few people make the effort to comment.

Which saddens me and bring me to this... 
Since i do this to know what you feel about what i write on that site, I shall delete the whole thing unless i start getting more comments. 

I shall say please please please... make the effort to comment.
Thank you again! And lots of love for those who comment regularly.

Happy Drooling! and hopefully Commenting!


  1. sadhia10:53 PM

    Nooo! I want Style Stripped to stay!!! I will start commenting on a regular basis :-)

  2. sadhia10:58 PM

    OMG! I can't wait for the ripp off parade! Plz bring it soon :-)

  3. heyyyy girl !!! dont b sad
    wait for d right time
    by d way nice threat
    n guys plz do start commenting

  4. Hey I visit this site everyday after work, it helps me wind down and relax :). You are doing a great job and please continue with SS.

  5. SS you are doing a great job & it would be a shame if you stopped & i for one appreciate the hard work & dedication you put into this site to keep us ladies in the know! so thank you! x

    I enjoy coming on here regularly keeping up to date with whos wearing what and the latest must haves! My handbag collection is forever growing all thanks to ss if you hadnt shown me them I wouldnt have known

    So come on girls lets do what we can to support ss and keep it running!

    3 cheers for SS Hooray!.....


  6. Anonymous7:09 AM

    I would suggest a bit of advertisement on various "desi" forums. There's GupShup...it has a very popular fashion and bridal section. Anyway how keep up the good work, it's great to see someone honestly critique pak-fashion...and call out designers on their best/worst/copied/cheated works.

  7. sadia9:00 PM

    u know ppl will start commentin more n more if u juz take time out n reply to those comments like other forums n blogs..now i see 6 comments n no reply frm u its like u dun bother ..nywayz itz gr8 dat we have a paki fashion blog, keep up da gud work!!!!

  8. @ ALL...

    thank you soooo much for your support.. i have come out of the moaning mood lol...

    @ Sadia.. cant thank you enough for pointing this out... i actually felt weird commenting ... as it felt like i was telling my point again after having made it in the post... but i would LOVE to do this.. so from now on.. and in (trying) the last few pages of posts i am startin commenting!! yayy..

    @ ALL please keep coming back and commenting.. and feel free to spot out any other issues you might have.. thank you!


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