February 15, 2009

From the Archives: Aminah Haq in Karma.

Aminah Haq hasn't been making a lot of public appearances lately and her outlook shows a lot of tension for some reason.. 
Message to Aminah: We love you babes! Hope you come out with a bang soon! take care...

... here are some pictures from the opening of Body Shop in Forum, Karachi.
She's wearing a delicious mix of colours by Karma. Notice how she looks stunning in eastern wear?



  1. Aminah Haq is a true beauty & dazzles in desi wear absolutely love the outfit by Karma the colours the design very elegant...

  2. Anonymous1:05 AM

    ohhhh she is gorgeous! but lately she has started looking wierd... its not her body shes gorgeous curvy... but the lens may be?

    love the dress by karma.. thyre so good with colours!

  3. @ all...
    shes is the diva! The first one for me! but yeah its the lens ... and dressing may be.. hope to see her making some fashin waves soon!

  4. sadhia10:57 PM

    She is really beautiful especially in desi clothes. It brings out her natural beauty...but lately she doesn't seems all that in the pics. She used to have her entire look coordinated but now it's as if it's left to circumstances...why amina dear? She seems stressed etc....

  5. she z looking nice after a long time when we r tired to see her in her wierd western outfits
    nice change babes

  6. bt d hairs could have been done better
    i dint like them ...so straight

  7. Anonymous6:41 PM

    Outfit= Great
    Hair= Not so great
    Makeup= Not so great

    She does not look like the supermodel and diva she truly is! More like a wannabe Meera!

  8. Amna Haq is gorgeous. I love her outfit!!

  9. @ sadhia.. yup she looks gorgeous over all.. and very put together too!
    @ saba.. straight can be too straight - but its so shiny and healthy

    @ murl .. true tht! outfit is karma.. it is a hot fav. and can still be seen instore at karma pink occasionally..

  10. Why doesn't anyone tell me before these kind of events happen? :(

    Love that outfit! and everything else about her. I don't think anyone would be able to see these pics anywhere else. Thanks for sharing!
    I really appreciate the effort.

  11. @mahismart... hahah the event is from three years back lol... one should thank God for having the pictures we have really.. pakistani fashion scene needs to be online.. and thats what ss is here for :)

    THANK YOU! for appreciating.. it takes alot for an individual to do all this but alls worth it when you guys comment and appreciate.. please feel free to take a look at the whole wesbite!

  12. Yeah, i agree that she hasnt been really making much public appearances and when she does..she looks kind of weird. Good weird, but different. Hmm..I wonder if cosmetic surgerys got something to do with it.

  13. ^ hmmm i would doubt it - but who knows right!?


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