March 31, 2009

Jannat and Sadaf: Pret Wear'09

Their latest creative offering is of a subtle nature, SS presents 'Powerful Pastels' al' a 
Jannat & Sadaf:

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  1. Anonymous1:34 AM

    WOW! this is some seriously gorgeous pret wear.... pastels are so my thing so im on it... could you provide a price range if not the exact prices?
    thanks! love SS!

  2. thnk u!
    I shall look into it asap... will also get contact details...
    Thanks for liking SS!

  3. Amazing clothes colours & designs havent seen anything quite like this before.. Let us know ss about the contact details x

  4. hey girls! here are the contact details for Sadaf and Jannat...

    email address:
    Cell: 0300 8663210

  5. jannat sadaf r a very bright duo!love their creations!!

  6. @ sana.. they are good indeed..

  7. their clothes make me say 'breathable' 'fresh' - i wont fear draining my self to the ground wearing these.. very chic indeed.


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