February 4, 2009

Bangles are Back!

The most prominent accessory trend on the catwalk was indeed Bangles! 
Yes bring out those clickers, It's bangle time again ... I however found myself unimpressed by the trend before and now too - You?

Louis Vuitton Wild Things; Pucci's Unusual Clacks.

Zac Posen's Galmourous nights; Burberry's walk in the woods.

Photobucket Photobucket

Lacroix's Color Mayhem; Marni's Bold Moves.


  1. ohhh i m in love with deze oversized bangles n i have a lot of tham n i m sooooo happy dat bangles r back
    its time to put them back on again...yayyyyyyyy

  2. @ saba! well lucky u! can tell you vicky b is wearing them alot!!


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