January 2, 2009

Lat Word: James Abidi.

SS brings you the first dose of non-stop quirky one on ones with the who's who of the Fashion Industry! Accompanied by exclusive previews of their work, Last Word is not to be missed!

James Abidi with her 'Back to Black' collection has put the class back into black.

SS: Which other designer's work do you like? International and Local.
Jamie: Marc Jacobs and Body Focus.

SS: If you could come back as one dress, which one would it be? 
Jamie: A sleek Black dress by Coco Chanel.

SS: If you could come back as a model, who would it be?
Jamie: Not as a model, I'd like to come back as Coco Chanel.

SS: What's your fav. colour?
Jamie: Variations of blue, Black and white.

SS: What's your fav. Junk Food?
Jamie: All kinds! I love food.

SS: What's the Last Book you Read?
Jamie: Twilight Series.

SS: What do you have for breakfast?
Jamie: Banana Shake, Eggs and Toast.

SS: At age 7 what did you want to be?
Jamie: I wanted to marry Johnny Depp and live happily every after. Then I grew up LoL.

SS: Favorite vacation spot and why?
Jamie: London. I love it there; family, freinds, culture and art. It has it all for me.

SS: What's your most treasured possession?
Jamie: My grandmother's Necklace and a few other herlooms. They have been in my family for over a 100 years so 
they mean the world to me.

SS: If you weren't a designer what would you be?
Jamie: I would be a pre-school teacher. I taught kids before i started working in Fashion. I LOVE kids!

SS: What piece of Art would you most like to own?
Jamie: A Rembrandt.

SS: When and where are you most happy?
Jamie: In my own work space, it's part of my walk in closet. It's my little world where I think, create and unwind. My room is my little bubble.

SS: Whose diary would you most like to read?
Jamie: None. But I know a lot of people who'd like to read mine.

SS: What's your biggest self-indulgence?
Jamie: Jewelry and Shoes. A girl can never have enough of those!

SS: What's your favorite place to shop?
Jamie: I like vintage stuff so whenever I am abroad i like to shop at vintage stores or flee markets. For shoes my first choice is always Charles and Keith.

SS: If you were an Inventor, what would you invent?
Jamie: A cloning machine or a Time machine, so i don't have to go mad multi-tasking every day!

SS: What's your favorite band?
Jamie: I simply love music. I can't pick one, as i am very moody. I listen to different music at different times.

SS: Always...
Jamie: Take you make-up off at night, If not then at 30 you pay the price.

SS: Never...
Jamie: Forget where you came from and who you are. People who don't remember there beginnings don't go very far in life.


  1. Anonymous1:41 AM

    don't clone yourself jamie, it will shoot you first.

  2. Thanks!!!
    wow! i will keep that in mind next time someone "Anony-mous" gives me advise :)
    have a great Anony---mous life!


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