December 31, 2008

Casual Cuddle.

SS spotted Freiha Altaf doing casual. What s sigh of relief... Love the knitwear, the top and the bag too! The Jimmy Choo Thalma is from a few years ago but it's so refreshing to see a Pakistani sporting this very chic bag.

Thalma, $1,350.

... spotted at the Shahbaz Aslam aka Atif Aslam's brother's store opening.


  1. its such a relief in true sense to see frieha altaf in such good attire..its been so long but still this woman has no style sense!im so pleased for once to look at her and have thought :she looks nice"

    seems like frieha is learning slowlY!

  2. i would definately appreciate nicer denIMs next time--ehehe!

  3. Ohhhhhh Ali zafar is sexy!


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