November 21, 2008

The LSA Low Down Part III; Randoms...

LSA is surely a fashinoista's dream... it's like bait to a fish muhuuhahhaa *evil laugh*
So heres telling you who did the cat walk and what they wore.. and most importantly should they have wore what they DID!

First up we have the senior citizen group! They are ruthless and will not let go the young girls in them!
One woman among them gets my vote.. and that's saba pervaiz, may be she give some advice to meesha though eh?

Rubina.. i think thats the woman in the middle looks cute, but both the trends she wears... that is floral embroidery and the empire line have been done to DEATH!

Bushra Ansar neither looks bad nor good... what saves her is that the whole goldilocks scene is set on a dark blue backgroud.. any other colour and it would have been a fashion faux pass for suuuureee!what say you?

Now for Anushe, She is someone who truly personifies a CONFUSED Style sence... and its not necessarilly nice.... OK, It's not nice at all ... i mean its the LSA, the only worthy red carpet event in the country and she decided to wear Boxes... on Brown.... NAY NAY NAY
.. Faizan, err i just hope for his sake he was not feeling well or else the TOPI is truly NOT justifies.

Freiha! Freiha! Freiha! hmm... yeah... i know... really... may be....
haha well jokes aside she did not make one mistake this time.. Good Job Freiha i think someone is taking advice...
I like the colour, like the sequence detailing and love that shes not overloaded with accessories.. first the EVA and now this... hmmm...
...and as you can see shes all for breast cancer awarenes, good (woman) girl!

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  1. can some one please get frieha altaf a stylist?a makeuP artist and a nutritionist?she needs maJOr makeOvr.


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