November 21, 2008

Lsa Low Down Part II; The Male Edition

Full marks for Adnan Malik, he's cute, smart, young and oh so very classy!
A hint of red at the right place, in the right shade too! woohooo!

HUBBA! HUBBA! HUBBA! Khawar Riaz is the luckiest man alive, and dare i say he wants to be where he is.. eh?
Anyways the two models look abSULTUTELY gorgeous! *drool*

Seen Doatana... well thats the cool way to do G** and this here... is NOT!
Siam... who is he... his work is badly conceived, processed and executed... seriously dude 'GET A LIFE!'

...Now heres a guy we like, hes real! i love the suit and the very haute hint of acid green, YUM!

... and another one, Full marks for the casual twist pulled off effortlessly courtesy of the V neck tee... way to go rizwan!

1 comment:

  1. adnan sure looks classy but the models wit khawar r a BIG nO!i hate checks n plaids no matter what..n so far no ones been able to WOW me while wearing theM>


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