October 8, 2008

Showings; Part I - Deepak Perwani, Maheen and Maria B

Sometimes designers disappoint you, sometimes they disgust you and sometimes one is simply indifferent!

Do i sound too pessimistic? Well have a look yourself...

Deepak Perwani took a lot from European designers, the cuts and the silhouette... there is a way to make the block ( called so because it uses one colour) dress and this is surely not how! *yawn*

Maheen was one designer i had expectation from.. so here comes the disappointing part. will the real maheen please stand up!? The designer at the giorgio armani show i.e.??
Any ways.. the sequence is tacky, the print is too pucci.


Then came Maria B, i have better things to do so only this: Tacky and Weatern Wanna Be Failure!


  1. totally agree with your verdict

  2. :) invite ur friends to the blog.. it needs more ppl like u!

  3. Good Lord ... what happened to Maria B.??? absolutely amateurish!!!


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